Tales from the Aletheian Society

Season Three: Fearful Symmetry

Some of the Society’s darkest secrets are about to come to light, with disastrous consequences for the rules of time and space. Will the residents of Hunter House be able to avoid being dragged into yet another awful, sanity-shredding mystery, or…— no, who are we kidding? They’re definitely going to get dragged in, like it or not!

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Episode 1: Make Mine a Double

The Roxburghs return to Glasgow to discover Dr Cadwallader in a delightful state of equilibrium. Jessie finds herself out of time.


Episode 2: The Better Angles of Our Nature

Pride comes before a fall for Doctor Cadwallader while the rest of the society visit a famous mathematician and take her out. Banjo’s luck takes a turn for the better, then worse.


Episode 3: Mirror Image

Cressida returns from Edinburgh and hosts a party. Uncle George and the Tribune reflect on Society business. Godalming makes a friend.


Episode 4: Sines and Portents

Cressida takes charge of Hunter House while Jessie and Hieronymus catch up with an old society member. Arthur takes a trip to visit family. Banjo pushes his luck.


Episode 5: Sponsiones Ludicrae

Banjo, Cadwallader and Jessie chance their luck with varying degrees of success. Sophia uses the light to reveal the truth while Arthur summons up unspeakable horrors and Godalming continues to act as the perfect servant.


Episode 6: Divide and Conquer

Space and time prove to be relative, plans come to fruition, Hieronymus’s fortunes rise and fall (again) and the truth is at last revealed.