Tales from the Aletheian Society

Julia Mary Brazell

Julia Mary Brazell

Miss Brazell was the librarian of the Society’s Llandudno chapter, which was established in 1848 to oversee the expansion of the town. This construction work allowed the Society cover to clandestinely search for the remnants of a malignant pre-human civilisation buried in the vicinity. It was Miss Brazell’s job to study and catalogue the strange artefacts that were recovered, before shipping them off for either storage or destruction.

Apart from her duties in the library, Miss Brazell was also an active field agent, and her encyclopedic knowledge of the occult led to the swift and successful resolution of the “Queen Victoria’s Goats” incident. Given the dangerous nature of the information under her care, Brazell was disinclined to let chapter-mates simply browse the collection, and had a fearsome reputation for refusing what she felt were frivolous requests for records.

By the time of her disappearance in 1865 Miss Brazell was at odds with Chapter-Master Felton, and had begun to live the life of a virtual recluse, seldom leaving her library for any length of time. According to the reports of her Chapter-mates of the time, during an argument with Felton, she simply dissolved into a shower of paper and dissipated into the library’s collection.

Since that day it has been not uncommon for her spirit to manifest in the library as tutting or shushing noises when anyone makes too much noise, or the sudden closing of books if she feels that they are too dangerous for browsing.