Tales from the Aletheian Society

George Bentley (Esq)

As noted by prominent Society archivist Liam Spinage

George Bentley (Esq), of the Huntingdonshire Bentleys, is one of the most seasoned travellers on the globe. Certainly this would be a celebrated fact if not for the case that so many of his journeys happened to be on the Q.T.

Often operating both incommunicado and incognito on behalf of Cambridge University and a variety of esoteric societies, Bentley specialises in the secure transportation of occult artefacts across the world. A dashing, well spoken and well connected gentleman, he first came to the Society’s notice whilst smuggling the cursed diamond known as the Star of Aldebaran from the court of the Raja of Kurundwad which liberated the province from a thirty-year drought, all while disguised as a Belgian nun.

Since then he has been instrumental in the safe retrieval of The Musing Bloom of Parnassus and the Wretched Sceptre of the Tomb-King, amongst others, while maintaining an air of genteel respectability and an intercontinental network of contacts in high and low places.