Tales from the Aletheian Society

Season One: The Trials of Dr. Cadwallader

Doctor Cadwallader doesn’t want much out of life — just a civilised environment in which to enjoy his many and varied vices while continuing his half-baked investigations into the occult. Instead, he’s been given the unenviable task of reopening the Aletheian Society’s least desirable Chapter House. With only an assortment of hapless aristocrats and incomprehensible provincials to aid him, he finds himself drawn into a murky conspiracy of vicious street gangs, cursed artefacts, inhuman monstrosities and a powerful load of haggis.

Can the bickering team of misfits unravel the legacy of Hunter House in time to save Glasgow? Just what is the creature under the stairs? And what did happen to Cadwallader in Bhutan?

Want to read the script? Click to download Tales from the Aletheian Society Season One (PDF Document).



Episode 1: Hell’s Darkest Pit

Cadwallader receives a much deserved promotion, and enjoys a relaxing trip north with Arthur and Sophia.


Episode 2: A Light in the Darkness

Jessie takes Sophia to meet some locals while Cadwallader unearths some of Hunter House’s most valuable secrets.


This episode contains scenes involving death by fire which some listeners may find disturbing.

Episode 3: De Profundis

Cadwallader and Sophia get to know each other while Arthur and Jessie take a stroll into town.


In the tradition of all good superhero movies, please remain in your seats until after the credits.

Episode 4: Devil take the Hindmost

The Society visit a friend of the former chaptermaster then pop out to the pub.


No monkeys were harmed in the making of this audio drama.

Episode 5: Death Masks

After a quick trip to the vault, the Society have an edifying chat with a former colleague.


Episode 6: In Flagrante

The Society find their lost artefact, with explosive consequences.