Tales from the Aletheian Society

Miss Cressida Cadwallader

Miss Cressida Cadwallader

Senior Illuminate, Miss Cressida Miriam Cadwallader, 19 October 1803– current

Born in what is now the Burgh of Leith in Midlothian, Scotland, Miss Cadwallader came from a moderately wealthy family of glassmakers. The Cadwalladers specialised in the creation of high quality glass for chandeliers and mirrors, mainly for export. After private tutoring she frequently accompanied her father across Europe on his business trips, quickly becoming fluent in several languages. Of staunchly Presbyterian stock, she was active in Church organisations from a young age, and attributes much of her success to her unwavering faith.

Recruited in 1822, only a few years after the Society’s formation, Miss Cadwallader was one of the first female members admitted. She is currently one of the longest-serving members and holds several awards of merit for valorous action in the field.

Devoting her considerable energies solely to the Society’s efforts, she has foregone the solace of husband and family. What maternal instincts she might theoretically possess have instead been lavished on her nephew, Dr Hieronymus Cadwallader (the mildly notorious Chaptermaster for Glasgow.)

Renowned for her intelligence, faith and hard-headed practicality, Miss Cadwallader has outlived the vast majority of her peers while notching up an enviable list of successful investigations. Currently she is acting in an oversight capacity to the Society’s Glasgow Chapterhouse on the orders of the Tribune herself.