Tales from the Aletheian Society

Season Two: A Parcel of Rogues

What’s the connection between a missing train, Bonnie Prince Charlie and a cholera epidemic in Edinburgh? The Aletheian Society don’t know, but Miss Cadwallader — Hieronymus’s elderly maiden aunt — is determined to find out.

Dragged to the perilous lands of the east, the Society find themselves plunged into a murky conspiracy that threatens the peaceful future of the United Kingdom — to say nothing of their own lives…

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Episode 1: For Whom the Bell Tolls

A day-trip to Edinburgh leaves the Society taking care of the elderly.


Episode 2: Media Vita

Aunt Cressida takes Jessie to meet her nephew off the train while the rest of the society make friends with the locals.


Episode 3: A Fine and Private Place

Reunited at last, the Society’s usual state of harmony is restored in time to see the sights of Edinburgh above and below.


Episode 4: Memento Mori

The Cadwalladers take a stroll through Edinburgh while Jessie seeks alternate employment. Meanwhile, Sophia has a surprise for Arthur.


Episode 5: State of Denial

A prisoner is interrogated, Banjo keeps an ear out for trouble, the horrors of salt-and-sauce are confronted, and a Society member makes the ultimate sacrifice…


Episode 6: Last Call

Sophia finally takes Dr. Cadwallader’s advice and test fires her pistols. The Society visit Edinburgh castle where Banjo gets a promotion.