Tales from the Aletheian Society

Season Two: A Parcel of Rogues

What’s the connection between a missing train, Bonnie Prince Charlie and a cholera epidemic in Edinburgh? The Aletheian Society don’t know, but Miss Cadwallader — Hieronymus’s elderly maiden aunt — is determined to find out.

Dragged to the perilous lands of the east, the Society find themselves plunged into a murky conspiracy that threatens the peaceful future of the United Kingdom - to say nothing of their own lives…



Episode 1: For Whom the Bell Tolls

A day-trip to Edinburgh leaves the Society taking care of the elderly.


Episode 2: Media Vita

Aunt Cressida takes Jessie to meet her nephew off the train while the rest of the society make friends with the locals.


Episode 3: A Fine and Private Place

Reunited at last, the Society’s usual state of harmony is restored in time to see the sights of Edinburgh above and below.


In the next episode...

The Cadwalladers take a stroll through Edinburgh while Jessie seeks alternate employment. Meanwhile, Sophia has a surprise for Arthur.

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