Tales from the Aletheian Society

Damien Alexander

As noted by prominent Society archivist Liam Spinage

Damien Alexander, known also as The Dreamer in the Deeper Sound and The Poet of Perdition, is one of the most dangerous men alive, if indeed he can still be said to be living. Whilst many of the Society’s erstwhile enemies past and present can be described as deluded or deranged, Alexander fully embraced the discovery of forbidden and morbid entities of elsewhere not through study of forgotten lore, but by the mere actions of allowing his thoughts to reach paper.

The Society dossier on Alexander is incomplete for reasons which will become apparent. A scholarly but sickly child, he fell in with the Romantic Poets though never published any works of his own. Two such publishers were committed to the asylum merely by reading his verse. Byron himself described Alexander as ‘more mad, more bad and more dangerous’ and cut ties with him in Italy.

Alexander’s dreams of literary success appear to have attracted the attention of otherworldly minds. Passages from his notorious scribblings, chief among which is “The Diary of The Unknown Explorer” have an unfortunate habit of appearing unbidden among other texts, often with the intention of deliberately playing on themes which appeal to a sense of adventure and which invariably end with the reader being scoured by some heretofore undiscovered cosmic horror.

Whether Alexander still truly exists or whether the memory of him merely lives on through his works is unknown. All Society members are advised to exercise caution when leafing through tomes unknown less they encounter some dark, forbidding passage which beckons their doom.