Tales from the Aletheian Society

Major James “Jammy” Fairfax

As noted by prominent Society archivist Claire Hamilton Russell

Major Fairfax was an illuminate of the Alethian Society, initially attached to the York Chapter in the 1930s. He was an active field agent from his earliest days in the Society, with any attempt to corral him into a library - even to write a report - generally ending in a small, creatively-produced explosion and a merry cry of “Sorry, don’t do that book rot!” disappearing into the distance.

Despite some early notoriety after the somewhat infamous events of Colonel Von Richterberg’s Rogue Dessert Incident at Shoreshanks Tearooms, Fairfax became one of the Society’s most reliable floating assets in the occult storm released by the Second World War.

He is most widely known for his relentless (some say obsessive) pursuit of the Nazi occultist Sacharissa Schmitz across occupied Europe. It is still unknown how (and at what cost) he survived their final battle in the Ardennes; he was found rake-thin with his clothing in tatters weeks later by a bemused US Army unit, who took some time to decipher his desperate request “I don’t suppose you chaps happen to have any tea on you, do you?”

He was instrumental in the events of the Jericho Protocol at Bletchley and the Mercury Rising incident in Silesia in the last days of the war, leading a small cadre of agents to escape the entire building’s mysterious disappearance into an unknown dimension in the nick of time. After Silesia he spent some time hunting down the remaining members of the Esoteric Order of Illuminated Destiny for a while, but without their “Arch Illuminate” there were very few actually dangerous ones amongst the dilettantes.

He was last seen following a trail of werewolf reports through the bomb sites of postwar London, but any reports that he was transformed rather than killed by his prey and still leads a pack of lycanthropes roaming wild on Hampstead Heath should be considered fanciful at best.