Tales from the Aletheian Society

The Book!

We invite submissions of short stories between approx 2,000 and 5,000 words, set in the world of the Tales From The Aletheian Society audiodrama, to form an anthology for an eBook (and hopefully also a print book).

What We’re Looking For


We already have several pieces for this anthology about the main characters from the show — so what we’re asking for is stories about other Chapterhouses, other affiliated occult societies, other periods of history or the wider world that the Society exists in. If you’re committed to a great idea concerning members of the existing Glasgow Chapterhouse we’d love to hear it, but please drop us a line so we can check the concept before you start writing.

Don’t feel too limited by the traditional gender, culture or class roles of the period when it comes to your heroes — these people are meant to be remarkable. It’s ok to have scandalised gasps when your swashbuckling heroine swaggers into a gentleman’s club, but on the whole your characters should be larger-than-life enough to transgress social norms, or at least to ride roughshod over them. Diverse protagonists are actively encouraged.


We’re looking for self-contained stories about the strange occult shenanigans occuring in the world of the Aletheian Society — so getting familiar with the show would be the best place to start. If you can imagine the events happening in a Penny Dreadful, an H. Rider Haggard story or an H. P. Lovecraft tale then you’re along the right lines. In broad terms, magic is costly, difficult, often heavily ritualised and extremely dangerous.

The tone can be lightly humorous, at least in places, but the humour should be situational rather than overt comedy, and it must be capable of turning to horror. It should trade on existing archetypes of the era to establish situation / characters quickly.

We’d rather you didn’t delve too deep into the metaphysics of the world — part of the fun is exploring mysteries with the characters, none of whom know too much about the deep truths of what’s going on. We’re delighted to discuss your ideas if you need more support or guidance.

Things to Avoid

Please do not include references to rape or sexual abuse.

Please don’t fridge female, queer or BME characters.

Please be careful when writing characters with lived experiences which are not your own — avoid negative stereotypes.

It’s ok to have a character express the discriminatory or distasteful views of the time, as long as they are clearly visible as the character’s and not the writer’s.

Try not to nail down too much of the setting — or at least ask us before doing so.


Authors will receive a copy of the ebook.


We ask for exclusive publishing rights for 12 months. After that, you can do whatever you like with your story, but if it is clearly identifiable as taking place in the world of Tales From The Aletheian Society we ask that you simply annotate it as inspired by the show.


Please submit your stories in standard manuscript format to theincident@hunterhoose.co.uk by midnight on 31st April 2019.